Sunday, April 20, 2014

Multivitamins are Bogus!

New studies fro John's Hopkins University prove that multivitamins do not work! The study said that multivitamins do not work because even though you are getting a wide array of vitamins, the dosages in them are no where near therapeutic levels.  So you are getting the illusion of "I am doing the best I can for myself by taking this multivitamin because it has a lot of vitamins and what do I know about vitamins anyway".  If that's what you are going for, then you are just fooling yourself.  The fact is that vitamin supplementation has come a long way and vitamins should be treated like medicine in my opinion. What do I mean by that? Well, we take prescription drugs to achieve a desired effect. How do drug companies come up with the dosages for the drugs they are peddling?  The answer is clinical trials or as I like to call it "Evidence based medicine". Trial and error eventually leads to an optimal dosage regimen. The same is true for vitamins! Evidence based nutrition is the key. You need to do the research to know what you are getting. For example. There is a product called Statinzyme. It is a combination of 9 different vitamins, enzymes and fatty acids, but what makes it special is that it was developed according to evidence based nutrition.  For example, it is enteric coated which increases the absorption rate of CoQ10 from 3% to virtually 100%.  This has been achieved by ground breaking research from the Linus Pauling Institute. This is just one example of evidence based nutrition. I reccomend Statinzyme to amost all of my patients. But there are exceptions too, since Statinzyme has high levels of fatty acids it can lower someones blood pressure. So if you suffer from low blood pressure, this may be an issue for you.
To make a long story short, do your research and make sure you are the captain of your own health care. It is your body and ultimately you are in charge.  Take time and read the studies! 
Yours Very Truly,
Dr. Paul Faerstein

Monday, December 9, 2013

So which vitamins should I be taking if I'm over 40?

So 40 is the new 20! Not so fast... With age comes numerous vitamin deficiencies. As we get older organ function declines and so does nutrient and vitamin production... Approximately 10% per decade.  There are tons of vitamins out there? Which ones should You be taking?  Well it depends on certain risk factors? Do you still like to party? Do you drink? Are you on medication for blood pressure or cholesterol? 
         The answer is simple.You have to look at the facts. Evidence based nutrition. These 9 supplements are the key to less stress, less heart attacks, less strokes and basically they help you feel better on a day to day basis:
Fish Oil... 1000mg double strength
Flax seed oil... 400mg
Vit D3... 2000iu
Evening primrose oil... 400mg
Resveratrol... 50mg
B6... 50mg
B12... 250mcg
Folic acid... 800mcg
I will explain what each of these do in future posts, but you an find all of these in one formula... It's called Statinzyme. 
You can buy it at
Log on to see the video. Don't worry if your not taking any meds. Statinzyme is food for everyone! I like to think of it as the best multi for the 21st century.
Happy Monday!

Dr. Paul Faerstein

Friday, November 15, 2013

Gambling with your health... Statins can wipe you out

Ever play blackjack and the dealer has an ace and asks "insurance anyone?". And then opens up with a blackjack and takes all of your money. Statins do the same thing... They cause side effects wich if ignored can wipe out your health. Statinzyme is your insurance policy for avoiding statin side effects. Learn more at

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just got this letter from one of our customers...Statin Side Effects

Here's what just ended up in my inbox... It's about Statinzyme and statin side effects.

Hi Dr. Paul!
It's Kevin from West Haven, CT! I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for a great product that has proven to make a great difference in my life....
No more night time legs.... you know the kind that make you want to scream in pain! I have dealt with that for over 2 years. That and feeling like my legs feel like lead weights when walking, never going up steep hills or climbing stairs.
I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to different and unfamiliar medications. Well I will tell that Dr. Paul is for real! He took the time to explain about COQ10, which is the main ingredient in Statinzyme! Then he explained the benefits of using it. I don't know how many questions I asked but he patient and answered each one. That in itself was worth the price to try it and I have no regrets. You call and he will somehow get back you a soon as he can!!
I have cholesterol issues and have to Statins to help with levels. Unfortunately, the doctors don't tell you that at certain levels of the meds there are side effects like leg cramps and tiredness.... You know what I mean!
Since I have using Statinzyme I have been able to increase Simvastatin to a level that works with no side effects. It's a great thing to find something that  works and Dr. Paul Faerstein who is the real deal!
Well I am literally on the way to run and with my grand-daughters and a large has to do with Statinzyme!
God bless and have a great day!

Statin Side Effects Like Memory Loss and Muscle Pain Are the Target of A New Herbal Supplement

Statin Side Effects Like Memory Loss and Muscle Pain Are the Target of A New Herbal Supplement

Friday, October 11, 2013

Statin Side Effects: Can they Be Avoided?

        Liver damage, muscle pain, joint pain, muscle cramping, mental confusion and memory loss and Amnesia are just some of the side effects which you can possibly  experience. What do you do? Listen to your doctor and take the meds anyway? Do you try to ignore the data out there and just hope it doesn't happen to you.
          Well as a pharmacist and a health proffessional I would not ignore the hype. Knowledge is power, and the more you acquire the better off you will be. And the general body of knowledge says that most statin side effects can be attributed to a real life phenomenon known as "Drug Nutrient Depletion".   You take a drug and that drug has a mechanism of action or another way to think of it is the drug causes a chemical reaction in our body. In the case of statins, they inhibit the livers' ability to  produce cholesterol which is good if you have high cholesterol. Makes sense... Lower your cholesterol and live another 20-30 years. The down side is that statins inhibit your bodies production certain crutial enzymes, vitamins and fatty acids. Especially the statin usually effects the liver and muscles and joints. If you simply replenish your body with the nutrients and supplements your statin is robbing you of, you can actually avoid pesky statin side effects.  There is a great formula that I created called Statinzyme. Watch our video at to learn more. Statinzyme is a supplemental formula that has 9 ingredients at the right dosages that can help prevent and relieve the side effects associated with statins. Statinzyme is also enteric coated. As a pharmacist, it is important for people to realize that enteric coating is very important if you want your supplement to work. 
Stay tuned for more info,
Dr. Paul Faerstein

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Homocysteine and Cardiovascular Health For The Statin User

Homocysteine is a chemical that degrades the elastin and collagen in your arteries. It's a chemical that Dr. Kilmer McCully made famous in 1969 when he published a paper in the American Journal of Pathology. He studied 2 children that died of Strokes. Upon examination they had extremely high levels of homocysteine. Upon autopsy their areteries resemblemed an elderly person suffering from arterioscleroses. Basically homocysteine makes your arteries rough which attracts cholesterol build up. The good news is you can lower levels of homocysteine with adequate amounts if B6, Folic Acid, and B12. Learn more at
Oh and i forgot to mention, Statinzyme contains everything you need to lower homocysteine!