Monday, December 9, 2013

So which vitamins should I be taking if I'm over 40?

So 40 is the new 20! Not so fast... With age comes numerous vitamin deficiencies. As we get older organ function declines and so does nutrient and vitamin production... Approximately 10% per decade.  There are tons of vitamins out there? Which ones should You be taking?  Well it depends on certain risk factors? Do you still like to party? Do you drink? Are you on medication for blood pressure or cholesterol? 
         The answer is simple.You have to look at the facts. Evidence based nutrition. These 9 supplements are the key to less stress, less heart attacks, less strokes and basically they help you feel better on a day to day basis:
Fish Oil... 1000mg double strength
Flax seed oil... 400mg
Vit D3... 2000iu
Evening primrose oil... 400mg
Resveratrol... 50mg
B6... 50mg
B12... 250mcg
Folic acid... 800mcg
I will explain what each of these do in future posts, but you an find all of these in one formula... It's called Statinzyme. 
You can buy it at
Log on to see the video. Don't worry if your not taking any meds. Statinzyme is food for everyone! I like to think of it as the best multi for the 21st century.
Happy Monday!

Dr. Paul Faerstein

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