Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Homocysteine and Cardiovascular Health For The Statin User

Homocysteine is a chemical that degrades the elastin and collagen in your arteries. It's a chemical that Dr. Kilmer McCully made famous in 1969 when he published a paper in the American Journal of Pathology. He studied 2 children that died of Strokes. Upon examination they had extremely high levels of homocysteine. Upon autopsy their areteries resemblemed an elderly person suffering from arterioscleroses. Basically homocysteine makes your arteries rough which attracts cholesterol build up. The good news is you can lower levels of homocysteine with adequate amounts if B6, Folic Acid, and B12. Learn more at www.statinzyme.com.
Oh and i forgot to mention, Statinzyme contains everything you need to lower homocysteine!

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  1. If your on a statin, you would want to lower your homocysteine level! Common Sense