Friday, October 11, 2013

Statin Side Effects: Can they Be Avoided?

        Liver damage, muscle pain, joint pain, muscle cramping, mental confusion and memory loss and Amnesia are just some of the side effects which you can possibly  experience. What do you do? Listen to your doctor and take the meds anyway? Do you try to ignore the data out there and just hope it doesn't happen to you.
          Well as a pharmacist and a health proffessional I would not ignore the hype. Knowledge is power, and the more you acquire the better off you will be. And the general body of knowledge says that most statin side effects can be attributed to a real life phenomenon known as "Drug Nutrient Depletion".   You take a drug and that drug has a mechanism of action or another way to think of it is the drug causes a chemical reaction in our body. In the case of statins, they inhibit the livers' ability to  produce cholesterol which is good if you have high cholesterol. Makes sense... Lower your cholesterol and live another 20-30 years. The down side is that statins inhibit your bodies production certain crutial enzymes, vitamins and fatty acids. Especially the statin usually effects the liver and muscles and joints. If you simply replenish your body with the nutrients and supplements your statin is robbing you of, you can actually avoid pesky statin side effects.  There is a great formula that I created called Statinzyme. Watch our video at to learn more. Statinzyme is a supplemental formula that has 9 ingredients at the right dosages that can help prevent and relieve the side effects associated with statins. Statinzyme is also enteric coated. As a pharmacist, it is important for people to realize that enteric coating is very important if you want your supplement to work. 
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Dr. Paul Faerstein

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